Hallmark Institute of Photography
Hallmark Institute of Photography provides a real world, serious approach to professional photographic education, where training is completed within ten months. Our objective is to successfully educate and graduate professional image makers with the technical, artistic and business skills necessary for success. Upon completion of our program, graduates can expect to open their own photographic business or fill entry-level employment positions in the diverse and competitive marketplace of today's professional imaging industry. To fulfill our goals, we use only the most up-to-date technology, highly experienced and qualified staff, and a logical and realistic set of standards and processes, providing each of our students the tools they need to succeed.

Our Professional Photography Program:
Hallmark's intensive 1400 clock hour program in Professional Photography is delivered over ten months throughout four sequential phases. The curriculum features seven primary courses of study; Art & Technique, Digital Imaging, Design & Imaging Arts, Marketing, Management, Personnel, and Finance. Each of these courses is supported by numerous individual classes that are taught in an integrated manner in which each and every student participates. Most classes are presented to small groups of students to promote individual attention and provide opportunities for interaction with instructors during class.

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